Orzo Chicken Salad

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orzo chicken salad

Here we are, the week after the 4th of July, wondering how it’s already July and the summer is half over. I know I am.  Well cheer up, there is still lots of summer to enjoy and now you have a great pasta salad recipe to try out that isn’t like a normal pasta salad.  I love orzo and Whole Foods sells a really great orzo salad that costs about an arm and a leg just for a small amount so I like to make this instead.  This is a great during the week lunch recipe as it gets better the longer all the flavors have time to mix together in the fridge.  Disclaimer: it is hard not to keep going back for more, so stay strong and away from the fridge if you want to have leftovers!

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Zucchini Ribbon Salad


What happens when you mix hot weather, hunger, and a Monday? This super easy salad recipe.

Cooking is kind of therapy for me. I love it even after a long day, but there are some days when I want a fast & easy recipe. This salad was taken from Pinterest as most of you probably recognized (original recipe here), but I placed my own little spin on it. This recipe is perfect for your veggies in the fridge that you are looking for something to do with.

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Roasted Dijon Potatoes with Spinach & Basil Pesto

Roasted Dijon Potatoes with Spinach & Basil Pesto

Recently I watched an episode of Giada at Home where she made her grandfather’s favorite recipes while her Aunt Raffy complained the whole time that she was doing them wrong.  GREAT EPISODE. Anyway, I got really inspired by all of them and have been making some dishes loosely based off Grandpa Dino’s favs.  Inspiration for this one found here.

A heat wave started in Boston today so the last thing I want to do was stand over a stove and make dinner, a light salad with some homemade pesto sounded perfect.  The dijon roasted potatoes, cooked in my toaster oven, added a nice crunch and spice.  I made my pesto with spinach as well as basil because I love spinach and can’t get enough greens but you are more than welcome to only use basil.  Also, no nuts or cheese found in this pesto because that would have required me buying them. Continue reading