Orzo Chicken Salad

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orzo chicken salad

Here we are, the week after the 4th of July, wondering how it’s already July and the summer is half over. I know I am.  Well cheer up, there is still lots of summer to enjoy and now you have a great pasta salad recipe to try out that isn’t like a normal pasta salad.  I love orzo and Whole Foods sells a really great orzo salad that costs about an arm and a leg just for a small amount so I like to make this instead.  This is a great during the week lunch recipe as it gets better the longer all the flavors have time to mix together in the fridge.  Disclaimer: it is hard not to keep going back for more, so stay strong and away from the fridge if you want to have leftovers!

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Fresh Tomato Sauce

Fresh tomato sauce

Fresh tomato sauce

One of my favorite cooking things to do is make a big batch of something I can then freeze individually to throw into recipes whenever I feel like it. Broths, sauces, you name it, I probably have it in my freezer.  I find tomato sauce to be a great freezer staple and is something you can have simmering away on the stove while you do other stuff around the house.  The real key to a great tomato sauce, according to this Irish gal, is using a mix of canned San Marzano tomatoes and fresh tomatoes. Continue reading