Blackberry+Vanilla Bean Cheesecake


So good!

Cheesecake. Yummy cheesecake. I don’t really have many words for this cheesecake. It really left me speechless. The ingredients in this recipe are simple. Toasted coconut- graham cracker crust, creamy vanilla bean speckled filling, macerated blackberries, lime, mint, ginger- every single part of this cheesecake recipe is delicious alone, and then I went and paired them all together and BAM. Here we are.

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Champagne Wishes: Cast Iron Skillet

Okay you guys, I had the pleasure of cooking with a cast iron skillet this weekend. I’m OBSESSED. It performed way better than any other pan I have ever used. The way it retains heat and flavor. Again, I am obsessed.

So it all started Sunday afternoon, I was over at my friends house when we started talking about food (I mean, what else do I talk about?). I started telling them about my new Shrimp & Grits recipe that I was going to test later on in the week and long story short, I ended up making them that day. I was extremely pleased with the recipe, and from what I am told, they were as well. But the best part was that they owned a cast iron skillet. We used the cast iron skillet to cook the bacon and the shrimp, and it was just fantastic.

I mean come on, look at this shrimp.

photo (1)


So now I am on a mission to have my very own cast iron skillet. Now the question becomes, do I purchase a new one and mold it to the way I cook with all the spices and fats and flavor?? Or do I look for an antique one??

Thoughts, ideas or general comments on cast iron skillets welcome!!