About Us


This is, well, us. Duh.

So yeah, those two up there are your new favorite bloggers: Liz on the left and Amanda on the right.  Almost two years ago I, Liz, packed up my stuff, left Georgia, and moved to Boston.  Amanda was obviously devastated by this so she became obsessed with calling me to tell me all about recipes, food blogs, and restaurants she was trying out in a desperate plea to keep our long distance friendship going.  Being the nice person I am, I obliged and started sending her pictures of what I was making in my tiny studio apartment kitchen.  Fast forward to two years later and all we do is talk about food and get asked by friends and family for recipes or restaurant suggestions so we decided to condense all of it into this here blog.  Y’all are welcome.

Well Liz, let’s set a few things straight, of course anyone would be devastated if one of their BFF’s moved far away, especially if it was their foodie buddy! Who was I supposed to try new restaurants and recipes with?! But really I’m totes okay with it now. I have ventured out on my own. But honestly, Liz and I had been friends for years before our love for food really evolved into this intense thing it is now (I mean we are starting a blog together). We were too busy having fun doing school work and trying to function as a semi adult in college to notice our shared love for food & cooking. It actually wasn’t until she moved away that sharing recipes became an awesome way for us to stay in touch, and obviously eat good food. Plus, now I reap the benefits of visiting Boston whenever I want, and eating delicious food there. WIN.

Fun Fact: You love food, and so do we. So let’s get right down to it.

Our food philosophy is simple: eat fresh, eat well, and cook often.  All of the recipes you will get here follow that philosophy and a lot of them will lean towards the dairy free side; lactose intolerance is no joke! Recipes will either be from a blog we love or something we’ve come up with ourselves.  We promise delicious dishes.

Champagne wishes are things we want or places we’d like to go, not necessarily cooking or food related but let’s be real, most often they will be.  As 20 somethings we don’t have tons of cash money flying around so those posts will be our way of showing our lovely readers what we wish for and would be totally cool with you randomly gifting us.

We hope you like what we share and it inspires you to get cooking!

Recipe requests, questions or comments? Send them our way: champagnewishesdishes@gmail.com


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